Paraguay Becoming “Rising Star” In Beef Trade for Senel & Co. BV in Africa

Our CEO Mr H. Senel and the export team came away quite impressed with the progress the Paraguayan beef industry has made in recent years and its ability to compete on the world stage. While still rather small compared to the world’s largest exporters, the industry appears well-positioned for continued growth.

Paraguay is a nation of nearly 7 million people. Agriculture makes up a significant portion of the country’s economy, with beef and soybeans being its leading exports. The country is home to approximately 12 to 14 million head of cattle that often have a Brahman or British breed influence. The goal is to have 20 million head by 2020. Though the industry is primarily grass-fed, the high level of cross-breeding means the cattle perform well in the feedlot system. Paraguay’s feedlots are often packer-owned, providing the plants with captive supplies of cattle, especially during the dry season. Feed availability can be a challenge, with long transportation distances, but feedlot rations generally include sugarcane byproduct, soybean meal and hulls, ground corn, corn silage, urea and even DDGs. Cattle are generally on feed for 70 to 120 days.


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