“How should Milky Holland enter the MENA market successfully with their products and create brand awareness among the people in the MENA countries?” 

Senel & Co. has taken on a new challenge by dropping all of their dairies activities in order to set up Milky Holland. Senel & Co. will continue their trading, except in dairy. Milky Holland is the subsidiary company of Senel & Co. Holding B.V. As a company with a new brand, Milky Holland will be faced with challenges as they will have to promote their brand to their potential customers in the MENA countries. This requires research on how to enter that market and how to promote their brand. In order to be successful, a good strategic marketing plan has to be made with a proper marketing and branding strategy. After the research report, the advice report shall have the following content:

❖ How does the dairy market look like in the MENA countries?
❖ Which MENA country/countries is/are the most attractive?
❖ How should Milky Holland enter this/these MENA market(s)?
❖ Which positioning tools and communication tools are necessary for this?

Read the full research here: advice-report-milky-holland.pdf


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