We are a family owned company that trade food worldwide, we consider that we have responsibilities towards our customers, suppliers and employees as well as towards the world in which we operate so, we are involve in society as part of our business philosophy. 


We believe that sustainable growth goes hand in hand with responsible business operations. Our key responsibility is working hard to assure that food safety and quality standards are met for all the products that we source and supply we have drafted our corporate responsibility policy, which summarizes our long-standing commitment to operating responsibly.



Sustainability starts with people, our employees are our most valuable assets. We work to maintain and increase their professionalism and expertise. Also we offer the possibility of doing professional internships to increase their business capabilities.



We source and deliver according to the requirements that we receive from our customers. It is essential to us that the product we source for our customers meet all relevant food safety and quality requirements. Further only work with producers who provide the best quality.



Activities such as producing and consuming dairy products are carried out by our suppliers and customers. Our impact is limited to the offices we occupy, the paper we use and miles that we travel for our business. The policy to be followed by the company is saving and optimization of resources, taking special care for do not leave electronic devices turned on at the end of the workday and printing documents when strictly.