Magnesium gluconate, citrate and lactate

Description white powder or granules
Identification meets the requirements
Organic volatile impurities meets the requirements
Reducing substances, % 1.0max
Water, % 3.0-12.0
Chloride, % 0.05max
Sulfate, % 0.05max
Assay, % 98.0-102.0
Heavy metals, % 0.002max
PH 6.0-7.8
Conclusion Compiles with the requirements of USP28Ed


Magnesium gluconate is a compound with formula MgC12H22O14. It is the magnesium salt of gluconic acid.

According to scientific research, magnesium gluconate shows the highest level of bioavailability of any magnesium salt and is recommended as the optimal salt for human supplementation although of the 10 salts studied, all increased Magnesium levels significantly.

There are data on the pharmacological properties of magnesium gluconate. Gluconic acid is the initial substrate for the reactions of pentose phosphate path of oxidation of glucose, so it was suggested that it may affect the energy metabolism of mitochondria.

In Ukraine, magnesium gluconate, together with potassium gluconate in the drug Rhythmocor is used to treat heart disease. Pilot studies have shown efficacy in various cardiac arrhythmia. Whether these effects are from the influence of gluconic acid on the metabolism of the heart or from the influence of magnesium and potassium on osmotic pressure is unknown.

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