Peas (latin name Pisum) are a genus of hebraceous plants of the legume family. Peas are consumed throughout the world. They are prepared in many ways such as cooked, stewed and mashed. The nutritional value of this plant is very high; great amount of vegetable protein. Furthermore, peas are useful crops due to their enrichment of the soil with beneficial bacteria and nutrogen in order to prevent erosion. No additional fertilizers for the soil are needed after cultivation of this plant. Today, peas are still widely consumed over the world and the numbers are constantly increasing.




You can buy peas in the following packaging:

  • Bags of 25-50 kg;
  • Big-bags of 500-1600 kg (optimum of 1000-1200 kg).
  • Containers (in this case peas are loaded in bulk).

Specifications of the peas exported by us:

  • Max moisture— 14%;
  • Max foreign admixture— 2 %.

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