Pumpkin seed

The seeds of the pumpkin are extremely healthy with especially high content of protein, dietary fiber and numerous micronutrients. They are typically flat and asymmetrically oval with a light green color. The seeds are used in many ways such as for cooking sauces, preparing soup, and eaten fresh or roasted. The oil extracted from the pumpkin seeds has a specific flavour and an oil content reaching up to 40%.



You can buy the pumpkin seeds in the following packaging:

  • Bags of 25-50 kg;
  • iBig-bags of 500-1600 kg (optimum of 1000-1200 kg).
  • Containers (in this case pumpkin seeds are loaded in bulk).

Specifications of pumpkin seeds exported by us:

  • moisture — 9% max.;
  • foreign admixture — 2% max.

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